Boiler is a closed vessel in which water is to be heated. The thermal energy from the boiler output steam is then used for various purposes, such as for steam turbines, space heaters, steam engines, and so on. In the process of energy conversion, the boiler has a function to convert chemical energy stored in fuel into heat energy that is transferred to the working fluid. Pressure vessels in boilers generally use steel with certain specifications specified in the ASME (The ASME Code Boilers) standard, especially for the use of boilers in large industries. In history recorded various types of materials used as boiler manufacturing materials such as copper, brass, and cast iron. However, these materials have long been abandoned due to economic reasons and also the durability of materials that are not in accordance with industry needs.

What’s included in an annual boiler service?

An annual service helps to make sure you avoid more costly problems further down the line. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and efficient boiler servicing to ensure there is minimal disruption to your day. A full service will typically take between 45 and 60 minutes – but what does a boiler service actually involve?

One of our experienced, trained and fully qualified engineers will:

  1. Check that the heating system is installed and functioning correctly, in-line with regulations;
  2. Check that it is operating safely;
  3. Check it is working efficiently inline with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Your boiler service may require different work to be carried out depending on what type of boiler you have. At the very least our engineer will:

  • Check the condition of the boiler;
  • Check for leaks within the boiler;
  • Test the gas pressure;
  • Check the pump and valves;
  • Ensure that it is not producing carbon monoxide;
  • Check that there is adequate ventilation;
  • Make sure that the flue is clear and safe.

A boiler service does not involve repairing a fault and is not the equivalent to a homeowner’s or landlord’s gas safety check.

How to avoid costly breakdowns

Your boiler is a complex appliance made up of many different parts, all of which contribute to the smooth running of your central heating system.

An annual service ensures that these parts are checked regularly, preventing boiler breakdowns that could result in an expensive repair bill. The majority of repair jobs we attend to could have been avoided with an annual service.

An annual service can also ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible, helping to keep your energy bills low.

What’s more, the manufacturer’s warranty on your boiler may be void if you don’t service it annually. At Custom Heat we only use manufacturer-approved parts when carrying out your service.

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