Since 2020 BASUNJAYA REKA ENERGY has been providing tailored, sustainable civil contracting solutions to many of Indonesia’s leading companies.

We are civil contractors based in Bintara, Bekasi. Our core principles, which are based on diversity, motivation, and commitment, underpin the way we work and are at the heart of everything we do. Over the years, it’s our honest, hands-on approach and an ability to ‘get the job done’ that has earned us the loyalty of our clients and the respect of our peers.

When you partner with us, you get guaranteed performance and a passion that runs through every member of our team.

Civil Construction Services is a BASUNJAYA REKA ENEGRY-based construction company that specialises in commercial and residential infrastructure and construction works, including earthworks, drainage, roading, streetscaping and more. While much of our work is undertaken for council and local government projects, we also work closely with large and small-scale property developers, as well as direct with residential property owners who require expert assistance with their project.

We are based in Bekasi – Indonesia, with our services covering the wider Indoneisa region.

As a local company, we deliver a more personal approach than larger civil construction companies. We have the capacity and agility to scale our team to take on a wide range of projects, both large and small, without the added large overheads that you’ll experience with bigger firms. We work closely with trusted sub-contractors and engineers to ensure a consistently high standard of workmanship.

With a hands-on management team, you will always be kept well up to date with project progress through regular communication.

Sustainability and environmental consideration is top priority for Civil Construction Services with every project we undertake. We are committed to strict management of environmentally friendly practices that adhere to environmental guidelines to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment.

We apply innovative thinking to ensure your project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining exceptionally high standards. We are proud of the long-standing reputation we have for great workmanship and excellent service.

If you need expert assistance for your next infrastructure or land development project, contact the friendly team at Civil Construction Services to discuss your requirements.

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